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Looking for an Italian Pizza School? Why and where?
This article is completely dedicated to for people who are looking for a pizza school.

Well, first of all, if you search through the net google coms with a considerable variety of result using the keyword “pizza schools”. Most of those on top of the list appear to be based in Italy of course, then USA and UK. That is also because most people around the world use English language for their online research. However the general result is a bit confusing as there are a lot websites who offer pizza classes and courses for amateur purpose. Obviously it all depends from what you are looking for. That’s why you should eventually make an accurate research before choosing an Italian pizza school or course that suits better your needs and expectations.

“Father Google” (these days we like to call it this way!) is a very powerful tool. But to use it wisely it attention to the keywords search if you don’t want end up wasting a large amount of time without finding what you are looking for. So, for example, if you are looking for an amateur course it suggested to search with keyword phrases such as “amateur pizza school/class/course”. You can also add the location you would like to apply for the course, ”New York, London, Montreal etc”. If you are looking for somewhat specific you could also search “Italian pizza class…amateur” and so on.

ITALIAN PIZZA SCHOOL – The trainings available in the market are the following:
  • Classic Italian Pizza (Neapolitan Pizza style)
  • Pizza al Taglio / Pizza in Teglia (Roman pan pizza style)
  • Pizza al Metro (Pizza by the meter)
  • Gluten Free Pizza

Still, the most popular pizza is of course the classic/Neapolitan one. 

However, recently “Pizza al Taglio” is becoming quite popular too for its trading flexibility, design and crunchy taste. Also, due to its high hydration dough. 

“Pizza al Metro” is the less popular, though it could perfectly fit in a creative and well-designed pizza concept. 


“Gluten Free Pizza” in reality can not really be called “pizza”. The practical and theoretical knowledge behind it is almost completely different. Between 2009 and 2013 everybody thought that “gluten free pizza” would became very requested in the market. But at the end it didn’t happen. Nowadays many organic and gluten free supermarkets offer a large variety of gluten free products. So, in contrast with the past, coeliacs people can have many choices. Also, back in the days, it was well known that gluten free pizza dough lacked on taste. However, gluten free flours and dough making and cooking techniques are becoming better and better. So it is not excluded that soon the gluten free pizza market will really pick up.

When it comes to make research about an Italian pizza school for business purpose things become a bit more complex and responsible. Though it is rare, sometimes someone is simply looking for a professional pizza school. Or maybe searching for a pizza course just because wants to become a pizza chef. But in most cases people are looking for a pizza training to get knowledge in order to start their own pizza business. 

Among these people, there are many successful entrepreneurs who have a big passion for pizza that decide to diversify their business activity by opening a pizzeria. This way of thinking is quite smart as they keep their doors open for new ventures that can definitely bring big satisfactions within a couple of years.

Be very accurate and focussed during your research!

Obviously the culinary school and/or the pizza consulting service you choose becomes crucial for the future of the pizza business plan. Before making a booking, it is a good idea to check the references of the Italian pizza school or the company who provide such business service/courses.

To investigate even further it is advisable to properly check their social media, Facebook, Twitter etc. You could get a clearer idea of the activity the pizza consulting school is involved in. Lastly, before deciding, it is best practice to call the pizza school or the consulting company and talk to an instructor/expert. At the end of those “checks” you’ll be able to decide according to your feelings and purposes.

Most schools offer 40/50 hours courses in classes of 5/10 students. However the most effective pizza trainings are individual because time will be tailored and concentrated completely to one person only. 

A reliable pizza training company must have a section dedicated to the basic of igiene included in their program. Cleaning, preservation and conservation of the ingredients are really important subject to cover.

Prices of the courses vary. Uncertified pizza courses can be quite cheap. But, again, it depends what exactly you are looking for. Of course there’s no risk involved while choosing an amateur group course. 

Business mistakes – Pizza Consulting

Things change when the course or the service you are looking for it’s for business purpose. As mentioned already, in this case things have to become a little bit more serious as there’s an investment involved. In business history, going for “cheap” or “cheaper” has almost never generated successful results. Actually, the main reasons why many business fails is it because for greed. No rocket science behind! There’s always a reason why some service or product costs less. There’s always a reason why a location “A” cost a certain amount of rent fee. There’s always a reason why a location “B” is much cheaper! remember! you always get what you pay for.

I hope you found this article useful. If you have any question contact us anytime.

Enjoy you time wherever you are!


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