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Pizza School  &  Business-Pizza Consulting


Our pizza school does not focus only on practical technics of dough making.

Stretching pizza by hands, use of toppings and cooking processes are just some parts of our program. Our courses are also based on the training of problem solving. We focus to the importance to apply different and advanced dough making techniques. Therefore a fundamental combination between knowledge and science for a correct fermentation and maturation of the dough.



At our pizza school practice is predominant. However theory plays an extremely important role. Theory includes information about chemical and physical material properties.

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Italian pizza is a tradition that repeats itself in time. The methods we use are based on up-to-date studies, research, quality, experience and therefore fundamental expertise. In addition, our pizza consultants are periodically involved to test new pizza products, ingredients and professional equipment.

At the age of thirteen, during the summer school holiday, Francesco started to work at his uncle pizzeria in Catania, Sicily. He knew from the beginning that the relation between his hands and the dough was strong. The 2007’s Pizza World Champion said: “The chemistry and property involved in the flours is extremely fascinating. So, the behavior of the dough during different fermentations caught my attention. That’s why later I decided to become a “scientist” of what I call “HQHD” pizza (“HQHD” = High Quality & Healthy Digestion)”.


In 2005 Francesco take the 2nd place at the annual “Pizza World Cup”. Two years later, in 2007, in Rome, he manage to take the 1st place and become “Pizza World Champion”. Furthermore, a year later, in 2008, he takes again the 2nd place.

Nowadays Francesco does not compete anymore because decided to pass his knowledge at his pizza school. He travels around the world to help people setting their brand new pizzeria and franchising. Also, Francesco helps improving existing pizza businesses that lack of consistency quality production.